Part II

So. I don’t know how many of you read my last piece. I mean the last time I posted was 2 years ago.

A lot has changed since then.

So you know how I didn’t apply to come to University so soon? Well guess where I am! I got my A Level results last Summer and that day was just insane. The emotional atmosphere was too much to take in. In the end, however, I spoke to a Careers Advisor from the College Sixth Form.

Strangely, she encouraged me to apply through clearing, she helped me to make the decision to scrap my ‘Gap Year Plan’. Or at least put it on pause for now, she told me that getting back into education after a year out would be an unlikely move to make after travelling for a year and that  I should focus on getting my Degree first.

I wasn’t completely sold at this point, but then thought why not at least enquire seeing as she went to all that trouble of explaining it all to me.

So I phoned a few Universities, expecting them to decline such a late request… but all 3 that I asked accepted me. I wanted to study English Literature and Sociology, but not many Universities offered that. And so I decided on English and Creative Writing instead, as it was something I was torn between anyway. Also, the perk there was that my degree incorporates Sociology into the Critical Analysis sector (regarding Literature), so that was a win!

THEN I had to pick a place of study. I always wanted to move to Nottingham, but due to the rash decision, I decided to stay in my home-town. That way, the transition wouldn’t be as big and also, if I had decided to drop-out, it wouldn’t have been too complicated to deal with.

All these decisions were made in late August. I decided the future of my higher education in the space of a few days. I have to admit that it was an extremely stressful and draining process, as I hadn’t prepared myself for it at all, I thought I had a year to sort my life out. You may think this was crazy, and in fairness it was. But now I feel it was the best decision I have ever made.

So yeah, that’s me for now.

Maybe I’ll write again, fairly soon. =)

– Pria x

P.S – This doesn’t mean my travelling plan has totally been scrapped, it’s just postponed. It is still, most definitely something I wish to do, so we’ll wait on that too! =)







Ever feel like you don’t know where you’re going?
Like you’ve lost all direction? Or you’re being dragged a billion different ways?
Motivation level is at 0… but you still WANT everything to work out for you in the end?

Yeah. Sounds pretty normal… well from my perspective anyway.

I’m 17 years old, 6 weeks away from 18… in my 2nd year of college, yet I still have no clue.
So don’t worry.
You’re not alone.

I’ve been hoping for the idea to fall into my lap one day. Hoping that I’ll just suddenly realise what I want to do with my life so I can take a degree at University and everything will fall into place… but it still hasn’t happened. All my friends are going to University next year… everyone’s already applied, so why haven’t I may you ask?

Well I could have… but I was afraid of failure and wasting time.. wasting time in my life doing something I’m not passionate about or that I could have possibly spent it doing better things… don’t get me wrong, receiving a degree is a massive achievement in life.
But I didn’t want it to be a useless qualification on a piece of paper; for something in which I do not care for.
I want to learn life skills..
I want to travel..
I want to find myself..

But where do I find these? I need money to travel.. and it’s rare to find and employer who is actually willing to teach you their trade, rather than allow you to simply get them tea and become a P.A. That’s one thing i know i do not what I want… I don’t want to manage someone else life… I need to manage my own first.

People will always question your decisions and test your reasoning for doing the things you do… but the truth is, as long as your own parents accept your choices, what you do is morally right and makes you happy – what’s stopping you?

To some extent, you could argue that not even your parents/carers views can intervene – depending on the situation of course. In most cases your parents do wish the best for you… however it has been known that some can hold you back from persuing your dreams. Allowing that to happen would be an awful shame, so choose wisely.

People question you purely out of curiosity, it could just be their way of showing you they have an interest in your life; or they’re just plain nosy people. In that case, they don’t deserve the time of day.

The bottom line is, if you’ve FOUND your own personal PASSION then go after it. It’s hard enough for people to find in the first place – so don’t abuse the fact that you have, make use of it and make your life all that it can be.
Happiness is bliss. I’m sure you’ve heard that.

If you know what you want and it’s much more than a 9-5 office job – work towards it, slowly but surely if money is your issue. If that’s not the case, then drop everything and run for the hills!

It’s easier said than done, sure.
– But wouldn’t you at least like to say you tried to achieve your dream? That’s WILL be the least you can say…
plus you’ll find motivation for doing the things you love.
Trust me, you will.
You just need to find the dream again.

just chase an idea. You never know, one day you have to find something – it’s only logical right?

– Pria x

— Sorry this was so wishy-washy and all over the place. I didn’t think it out before writing, I was going in two completely different directions with it (in terms of the point I was trying to make i mean) – ironic right?